Fall Fun

Hello, troops! My feisty switch flipped the day summer ended and fall officially began. I’m primed to tussle at a moment’s notice; I’m leading the charge on our pack walks; and my stuffed ferret, which is now sporting a severely disjointed tail, is getting almost no peace. Dad attributes my boost in energy to all […]

Curve Ball

Hello, troops! Things have been a bit topsy-turvy in our house since my last update. My Dad had an accident a week ago while using his table saw. Though he was being safe and using a guide stick, the board he was cutting flew toward his face and he instinctively pushed it down… and caught […]

Back in action!

Hello, everyone! Since today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, I thought it was an appropriate time to bring my hiatus to an end and start blogging again. Summer has been good to me! I’ve gone on several therapy outings as practice so that I’ll be good and seasoned by the time I […]