A healthy dose

Hello, troops!

You won’t believe it, but Mom took all of us out for a hike in the chilly weather last week. Things were getting pretty dire around our house what with the huge lazy bone Mom was developing thanks to several days of gray skies and yucky weather. She was grumbling (rather loudly) about suffering from a lack of vitamin D (can you believe the D doesn’t stand for dog?? I know, right?!) and we were taking our fair share of pack naps, which I personally didn’t mind, but Mom was getting downright snappy. And if you’ve ever experienced life with a snappy Mom, well…you know how dicey things can get.

So when the sun popped out last week Mom carpe-d the heck out of the diem and bundled us all in the car. She did this not once, but twice! She even dragged My Boy out of the house and made him come along! And there are few things Tonks, Moody and I love more than going on a hike, except getting ready for a hike, and taking a car trip to the park where we go hiking, and riding back home again, and…oh, what can I say? We love every minute of it! We don’t even mind that Mom sold our Landcruiser last year and bought a Prius (she is a woman of extremes, this Mom of mine). Sure, there’s a little less wiggle room, but we all fit just fine with the seats folded down. Sometimes I even offer to climb up front and navigate, but you can see why Mom doesn’t think that’s a very good idea.

I can’t see the sun when we hike, but I can feel it warming my fur, and I can feel the difference in Mom’s mood after she spends some time outside and gets a healthy dose of that vitamin D that doesn’t stand for dog. As for me, I’m a pretty consistently happy little guy as long as I’m with My Family, especially My Mom. Whether we’re snuggled on the couch or trekking through the woods on a cold winter day, I’m just thrilled to be a part of it all.

Take care of yourselves this winter, troops. Don’t let the gray days get you down, but if they do, here’s hoping you have a warm Pug to snuggle with!

Over to you,

Sgt. Pepper



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