Ready for action!

Hello, troops!

I’ve been out of action for a while, I know. Mom was hunkered down with a bad case of winteritis and what’s a blind Pug to do? It’s not like I could assume control of the keyboard. Plus, I was kind of suffering from the winter blues myself. 

In between taking naps and slogging through the snow, Mom fell in love with a couple of dogs who popped up on her Facebbok feed through various rescue organizations. She tried to adopt them both, but she wasn’t allowed since both the dogs were in other states and were being handled by resues who don’t adopt outside their own states. Do I even need to mention how adversely this affected her case of the doldrums? I think not! I’m sorry to say that she grew so disillusioned she nearly gave up on the idea of opening her heart to another dog, but then a couple of wonderful things happened.

First, spring finally sprang and second, our friend Erika at Green Dogs Unleashed asked if we’d consider fostering an adorable deaf bulldog girl. Mom’s mood lifted at once, and My Family and I barely had to think about it before we answered yes. Yes, yes, YES! Our new friend came to us last Saturday and let me tell you, troops, there’s nothing to put pep in my step like having a stone fox like Miss Maddie trotting by my side! (Relax! I’m neutered and she’s spayed. I’ve just always wanted to work the phrase “stone fox” into conversation cause it sounds cool. Admit it. You’re thinking about it using it tomorrow at the office now, aren’t you?)

And, ok, no. I cannot see Maddie, but I do not need eyes to know how gentle and sweet and full of fun she is. Resistance is futile in the face of her desire to play! We run and jump and growl and pounce and play until we both collapse from exhaustion. Maddie plays with the big dogs, too, but they have a very odd codependent relationship that keeps them from participating as fully as I do. Plus, Mom says that with my ears and Maddie’s eyes, the two of us are like one super duper fully functional dog.

Here’s the best part, though – Maddie is already getting adopted into her forever family! They saw her pictures, fell in love (how could anyone resist??), and they’re coming to take her to her new home on Saturday. Will I miss her? You bet! But I’m so thrilled that she’ll have a Mom, a Dad and two Boys to call her own. It doesn’t get much better than that for a puppy, and I’m happy beyond words for everyone involved.

Mom’s been taking lots of pictures so we can remember Maddie once she heads out with her new Family. It’s been hard for her to get a good shot since Maddie doesn’t sit still for very long, but she’s pretty happy with the photos in this post. And My Boy is already angling for another foster pup. He’s hooked on the fostering process. (So am I, but don’t tell Mom – she gives me extra love if she thinks I’m feeling neglected).

Stay tuned for my next update. Over to you,

Sgt. Pepper




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