Happy Adoption Day!

Hello, Troops!

Today is Adoption Day – the anniversary of the day I rescued My Mom! I didn’t need eyes to see that she was the one for me when she walked into the Charlottesville SPCA that afternoon in May two years ago. I barreled right into her heart and life as we both knew it has never been the same since. 

When folks learn that I am blind, they nearly always express sympathy, which I appreciate. I’m sure I’d experience life very differently if I still had eyes, but My Family loves me just the way I am. Mom even made a list of all the things she loves about me and she recites it to me nearly every day. Here are the things she loves most about me in her own words, which betray the fact that the way her mind works is something of a puzzle, but what can I say? I love her to pieces, puzzling thought processes and all!

My curly, curly, wiggy wag tail with the black tip

My old lady fingers

My warm velvety ears with the pink insides

My chest fur

My black-tipped feet and hands

My kissing spots

My wrinkly forehead

My stubby whiskers

My crookedy Pug teeth

My pushed-in snout

My jowls

My barrel chest

My gemstone shelf (don’t even ask!)

My capuchin monkey skull

My thumbprint of Buddha (the black mark on my forehead)

And most of all…MY SOFT, SILKY EYE SOCKETS, which she pets and kisses every single day as she tells me I’m the most perfect Pug on the planet.

How about that last one, huh? The thing My Mom loves most about me is the very thing that most folks consider my disability. I’m not gonna get all mushy and overly sentimental on my troops, but I would like to ask that you all consider the possibility that the quality you (or others) view as your biggest detriment is what makes you the most beautiful being in the world to someone else out there. 

Before I leave you to mull that over, I want to give a shoutout to my cousin, Big Red, who adopted his Mom – My Aunt Amanda – two years ago today, as well! Without you, my handsome tripod cousin (seriously, see his photo below? He’s one handsome hound!) none of this would’ve happened. I owe you more thanks than I can ever repay.

That’s it for now, Troops!

Over to you,  

Sgt. Pepper




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