This One’s for Marshall

Hello, troops!

Some of you may be acquainted with my FB friend, Mac the Pitbull. Mac’s mom fights the good fight, helping educate the public about the misperceptions regarding pitbulls and extending rescue and foster assistance to those in need via Mac’s Mission. In other words, Mac and his pack are all around, salt-of-the-earth good guys.

Recently, Mac came to the aid of a very sick little Shar Pei named Marshall. You can read all about Marshall’s story on Mac’s FB page, but let me warn you in advance that it’s a sad one. They lost Marshall despite their superhuman and superdog efforts to save him. In the rescue world, losing animals is part of the equation, but it’s the hardest part, and in many cases, like Marshall’s, it’s potentially avoidable. Believe it or not, you animal lovers can help by doing one simple thing – avoiding disreputable breeders.

If you’ve read my blog posts or seen my FB page, you may know that my two Aussie sibs came from a breeder, so I’m not in a position to criticize anyone for purchasing a pet from reputable breeder. But, please, do your homework first. Check out rescue groups and shelters – they are often full of pure-bred pets if that’s what you’re looking for – and if you do decide to buy, make sure the person you’re supporting treats his or her animals well. Even though My Family ultimately decided to purchase my brother and sister, My Mom is a big proponent of the rescue system and adds to our pack through adoption whenever possible (which is sometimes more often than My Dad might like, but that’s another story).

Like Mac’s mom, who says that she didn’t consider herself a Shar Pei kind of mom before Marshall, My Mom wasn’t a Pug mom before me. I have mentioned this numerous times is my previous posts, and Mom very openly admits that I opened her eyes (hah! a little irony from the blind dog!) to the joys of being owned by a Pug. It’s a bit ironic, but she and My Dad often comment that I’m the easiest dog in the bunch. Keep that in mind when you’re considering a four-legged addition 🙂

Mac’s pack is still recovering from the loss of their beloved Marshall, and their grief is shared by thousands of Mac’s followers who, like My Mom, cried for the loss of a little dog they knew and loved via social media. Marshall touched many hearts and stretched the minds of more than a few who, like Mac’s mom, look at Shar Peis in a whole new light now. My Entire Family followed Marshall’s rescue; I can barely imagine the number of lives that little guy touched. Thank you, Mac, for sharing him.

I challenge my troops to open your minds and open your hearts to new possibilities. Wondrous things just might happen if you do. You could end up loving someone you never considered in ways you never thought possible. If you’re really lucky, you might end up being rescued by a Shar Pei…or a Chihuahua…or a Pitbull…or a Pug…or a 3-legged mixed-breed wonder dog like my Big Red cousin – the possibilities are endless!
Thanks to Mac’s pack and Green Dogs Unleashed, who is sending me a new Foster Sister this week (YAY!!!), and all the other animal-loving rescuers out there for the noble, often joyful, sometimes painful work you do. I salute you!!

Over to you,

Sgt. Pepper




7 thoughts on “This One’s for Marshall

  1. Beautiful message. I found the love of my life at a pet adoption held where I work. I fell in love first and then realized she was a “pitbull” (AmStaff, actually) much later. It didn’t matter. Of course, I had my list of breeds I wanted – AmStaff was not on that list, But, when love calls, love calls.

  2. When one of my sons moved to Alaska, I ended up with his 2 pits. One of which he rescued after it was thrown from a moving car onto the interstate. They saved my life. All that pittie love-I had a reason to get up in the morning,they gave my life purpose.And I couldn’t “leave”them-who would take care of them? Life has gotten much better now We’ve now added a mini-doxie to the mix-and she rules the roost. We have learned about rescues-done 2 freedom rides-and do as much as we can to help those who need it. All because a pit bull loved me.

  3. Exactly right! Funny how meeting the right dog can change your mind and open your eyes! A few years ago, we were looking for a big dog (my husband’s preference), so I was checking out an adoption event. I started chatting with the foster of a one-eyed Corgi mix. I never liked Corgis much—not for any particular reason, I just didn’t like them. The foster said she was concerned that little Jenny wouldn’t be adopted because of her bad eye. “Nonsense,” I said. “We’ve had two dogs who each lost an eye, and it was absolutely no problem at all!” To prove my point, I took Jenny for an overnight visit, along with a bigger dog. The bigger dog didn’t fit in with our bunch (she found a home a few weeks later), but little Jenny never went back to the foster’s house! Jenny is now “J,” I’ve come to adore those little six-inch-long legs, and my husband, the big dog guy, spends his evenings stroking her chest while she falls asleep in his lap. You just never can tell.

    BTW, I grieve for Marshall and thank God for Mac’s people, who did their best for him. Though the cards were stacked against Marshall from the beginning, at least he spent part of his short little life being treasured and cared for.

  4. Thank you for these thoughts. Amazingly there are people around here who support the actions of Marshalls first owner–the one who bought him for $800 in a parking lot, then dumped him at the vet to be euthanized, then……wait for it….BOUGHT ANOTHER DOG JUST DAYS AFTER DUMPING MARSHALL AND BRAGGED ABOUT IT ON FACEBOOK. These misguided people are defending her with all their might very publicly. They obviously don’t care.

    • I’m working hard to feel compassion for them in light of their obvious limitations, but it’s hard. And very, very sad.

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