Foster Fun

Hello, troops!

Yesterday my new foster sister, Lilly, arrived, and guess what?? It looks like she is getting adopted already. I’m not overly surprised. Even without eyes, I can see that she’s a cutie patootie. She’s a Boxer Pittie mix (but she’s still sooooo tiny) and she’s deaf. She doesn’t let that slow her down, though! After she settled in, she and I had a wrestling session that cracked My Parents up. At one point, Lilly stood up on her hind legs and batted me like a cat! 

And speaking of cats, Lilly outright jumped on the big orange love lump, Ronald Weasley, and tried to tackle him. Ron outweighs the little smudge by a good bit and he’s the most laid-back feline on the face of the earth so he simply shook her off and moved on. Her attempt to face off with Claudius Maximus, the three-legged fight survivor, was an entirely different story. Claude got over his offense, though, as you can see from the photo below, which features 2 rescues (3 if you count My Dad) and 1 foster. 

Lilly has some work to do on her crate training. So far, she has peed and pooped in it, which makes her a Lillipoopian as well as a Lilliputian according to My Parents, and she far prefers tearing around like a crazy woman outside. I can understand that, but I’m not much of a morning dog myself. I like my routine, and don’t even think about playtime until I’ve had my breakfast! 

Little Miss Lilly loves everyone – she even sniffed Twinkle’s nose through the fence (Twinkle is our donkey), but Mom is keeping little Lilly mostly separate from Tonks and Moody. Moody loves to play and would be more than up to the challenge of wearing Miss Lilly out, but he’s a bit too exuberant in his antics. Mom’s afraid he might smack her too hard with a paw in his excitement. 

At the moment, I’m trying to help Lilly with her crate training. She’s crying, and I’m howling in accompaniment, but Mom is hoping my expertise as a veteran of the crate training process will soothe the savage little beast. I’ll let you know how that works out 🙂

Over to you,

Sgt. Pepper



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