Foster Fun

Hello, troops! Yesterday my new foster sister, Lilly, arrived, and guess what?? It looks like she is getting adopted already. I’m not overly surprised. Even without eyes, I can see that she’s a cutie patootie. She’s a Boxer Pittie mix (but she’s still sooooo tiny) and she’s deaf. She doesn’t let that slow her down, […]

This One’s for Marshall

Hello, troops! Some of you may be acquainted with my FB friend, Mac the Pitbull. Mac’s mom fights the good fight, helping educate the public about the misperceptions regarding pitbulls and extending rescue and foster assistance to those in need via Mac’s Mission. In other words, Mac and his pack are all around, salt-of-the-earth good […]

Happy Adoption Day!

Hello, Troops! Today is Adoption Day – the anniversary of the day I rescued My Mom! I didn’t need eyes to see that she was the one for me when she walked into the Charlottesville SPCA that afternoon in May two years ago. I barreled right into her heart and life as we both knew […]

Ready for action!

Hello, troops! I’ve been out of action for a while, I know. Mom was hunkered down with a bad case of winteritis and what’s a blind Pug to do? It’s not like I could assume control of the keyboard. Plus, I was kind of suffering from the winter blues myself.  In between taking naps and […]